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The London Research Institute research groups are based at Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Clare Hall. Our major research themes are: the biology of tumours and tissues, cellular regulatory mechanisms and genomic integrity and cell cycle.

Research Teams at Clare Hall

The Clare Hall laboratories are housed on a purpose-built research campus located approximately 15 miles to the North of Central London in the Hertfordshire greenbelt. Research here has genomic stability as an underlying theme and focuses on a number of different model systems and processes.

The Clare Hall laboratories were officially opened in 1986 Clare Hall became, and remains today a leading centre for studies of DNA repair, recombination and replication, cell cycle control and transcription.

Simon Boulton : DNA Damage Response
Peter Cherepanov : Chromatin Structure and Mobile DNA
Alessandro Costa : Architecture and Dynamics of Macromolecular Machines
John Diffley : Chromosome Replication
Peter Karran : Mammalian DNA Repair
Mark Petronczki : Cell Division and Aneuploidy
Jesper Svejstrup : Mechanisms of Gene Transcription
Stephen West : Genetic Recombination
Hasan Yardimci : Single Molecule Imaging