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The London Research Institute research groups are based at Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Clare Hall. Our major research themes are: the biology of tumours and tissues, cellular regulatory mechanisms and genomic integrity and cell cycle.

Frank Uhlmann : Chromosome Segregation


Aneuploidy, i.e. missing or supernumerary chromosomes, is a hallmark of malignant tumour progression. A large number of genes that orchestrate faithful chromosome segregation during mitotic cell divisions are tumour suppressors or turn into potent oncogenes if misregulated. The aim of the Chromosome Segregation Laboratory is to investigate cellular mechanisms that safeguard accurate chromosome segregation. In particular, we are investigating the contribution of structural chromosomal proteins to sister chromatid cohesion and chromosome condensation, essential processes that ensure faithful segregation of the centimetre-long chromosomal DNA molecules within micrometre-sized cells. A second topic of our research is the regulation of ordered mitotic progression by the cell division cycle machinery.