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The London Research Institute research groups are based at Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Clare Hall. Our major research themes are: the biology of tumours and tissues, cellular regulatory mechanisms and genomic integrity and cell cycle.

Charles Swanton : Translational Cancer Therapeutics


The Translational Cancer Therapeutics (TCT) Laboratory is focused on identification of mechanisms of cancer evolution and its impact on drug resistance and patient stratification. We are using parallel clinical trial and integrative functional genomics approaches to develop new predictive tools to enable the optimal stratification of patients for defined therapeutic approaches. Through work aimed at identifying therapeutic approaches to target distinct patterns of genome instability, the TCT laboratory has demonstrated that chromosomal instability in colorectal cancer is initiated through DNA replication stress. The laboratory is now focusing on 1) A greater understanding of the molecular basis of the origins of intratumour heterogeneity, with a principal focus on Structural and Numerical Chromosomal Instability in solid tumours in order to attempt to limit the acquisition of multi-drug resistance and treatment failure and 2) An in-depth understanding of the prevalence and prognostic impact of intratumour heterogeneity in lung and kidney cancer.