The LRI will become part of the new Francis Crick Institute opening in 2015

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The London Research Institute conducts comprehensive PhD and Postdoc training programmes, and are supported by highly trained scientific and administrative staff. 

Positions by Research Group

The supervisors listed below are offering PhD positions to start in September 2015.

Some projects suit applicants with a background in biological sciences, others are more suited to students with backgrounds in other areas such as mathematics, physics, computing and chemistry.

Information on all our 2015 Crick-LRI PhD Positions is provided in the document downloadable on the right. You can find out which supervisors are offering PhD positions relating to each of the LRI’s research themes here.

In addition to 14 PhD positions with our LRI research group leaders, we are also recruiting for 1 Crick-LRI/Imperial College London, 4 Crick-LRI/King's College London and 1 Crick-LRI/University College London joint studentships. Students awarded these joint studentships will work on a collaborative PhD project, supervised by an LRI primary supervisor and Imperial College London, King’s College London or University College London secondary supervisor. They will be based between the LRI/Crick and their Imperial College London, King's College London or University College London research group.

Crick-LRI Positions

Paul Bates, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Cell Migration

Facundo Batista, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Unravelling lymphocyte activation

Axel Behrens, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Pancreatic progenitor cells, fate reprogramming, and cancer

Dinis Calado, Lincoln’s Inn Fields & Edward Tate, Imperial College London, Joint Crick-LRI/Imperial position. Note: students who would be classified as 'overseas' for University tuition fees are not eligible for this joint position.

Identifying New Therapeutic Strategies for Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Adrian Hayday, Lincoln’s Inn Fields & Paul Sharpe, King’s College London, Joint Crick-LRI/King’s College London position

Stem cell-mediated regulation of immune responses during tissue repair

Caroline Hill, Lincoln’s Inn Fields & Corinne Houart, King’s College London, Joint Crick-LRI/King’s College London position

Mechanism of action of the BMP pathway in telencephalon induction in fish and mouse

Ilaria Malanchi, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Metastatic microenvironment

Ilaria Malanchi, Lincoln’s Inn Fields & Victoria Sanz-Moreno, King’s College London, Joint Crick-LRI/King’s College London position

Cytoskeletal Regulation of Cancer Stem Cell Metastatic Potential

Neil McDonald, Lincoln’s Inn Fields & Mark Linch, University College London, Joint Crick-LRI/University College London position

Probing XPF-ERCC1 nuclease activity, chemical inhibition and platinum sensitivity in urological malignancies

Paul Nurse, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Investigations of the global cellular networks regulating the cell cycle, cell form and cell growth

Peter Parker, Lincoln’s Inn Fields & Ulrike Eggert, King’s College London, Joint Crick-LRI/King’s College London position

The paradigms of protein/lipid cooperation during the abscission step of cell division

Caetano Reis e Sousa, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Innate Immunity and Dendritic Cells

Guillaume Salbreux, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Continuum description of tissue morphogenesis

Barry Thompson, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Tissue morphogenesis in Drosophila

Sharon Tooze, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Molecular and physiological insight into Autophagy through the kinase ULK1

Frank Uhlmann, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Establishment of Sister Chromatid Cohesion

Peter Van Loo, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Dissecting the cancer genome and transcriptome

Folkert van Werven, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Dissecting the molecular events that control cell fate decision-making in budding yeast

Steve West, Clare Hall

Role of the BRCA2 tumour suppressor in the maintenance of genome stability