The LRI will become part of the new Francis Crick Institute opening in 2015

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The London Research Institute conducts cutting edge basic biological research to improve our understanding of cancer. The LRI has made significant breakthroughs since its inception and continues to be at the forefront of its field.


The LRI's research portfolio focuses around three themes- the biology of tissues and tumours, cellular regulatory mechanisms and genomic integrity and cell cycle. Follow the links for more information. 

Signal Transduction - biology of tissues & organs
Signal Transduction - molecular cell biology
The cell cycle and chromosomes

The Francis Crick Institute

For more information on the project visit the Francis Crick Institute Site. Find out about the Cancer Research UK fundraising campaign Create the Change.

Blue Skies and Bench Space

Blue skies and Bench Space, an unconventional history of Molecular Biology and the LRI is now available to buy or download. For more information visit the BSBS website.

Latest News

Tuesday 7 October 2014

This paper from the Cell Division and Aneuploidy Group, headed by Mark Petronczki, was published recently in EMBO Journal. Read more here.

Friday 3 October 2014

This paper from the Immuno Surveillance Group in collaboration with King’s College London, Homerton University Hospital, Queen Mary University of London and Great Ormond Street Hospital was published recently in Nature Medicine